We are a small locally owned company specializing in providing pop and juice to restaurants and bars. Our small staff has over 200 years combined experience in the beverage industry. 

We provide, install and maintain the equipment at no charge to you. We offer free after hours emergency service. 

The brands we carry include RC Cola, 7UP, Jones Soda, Cock N Bull, Rocky Mountain Soda, Squirt, Cooper Tea, and our own label, Bridge City Soda, made with pure cane sugar. We also offer a full line of juices and mixers. In addition to traditional sodas we now carry Oogave, an all natural organic soda sweetened with agave nectar. Products are available in ready-to-drink Premix tanks, and syrup in either tanks or Bag-in-Box. Our newest product is Colorado's Best Drink, a line of canned carbonated beverages that contain hemp derived CBD.

We would love to have the opportunity to work with you. We do not have minimum purchase requirements or contracts to sign. We believe our customer service will keep your business. 

We work with many local establishments, from brew pubs to upscale dining, music venues to strip clubs and dive bars. Our customers include McMenamin's Pubs and Breweries, Sizzle Pie, Hopworks Urban Brewery, Pok Pok, Ox, Amalfi's, Laughing Planet and The Prime Rib.